Guardians of the Arcanos

On The Other Side of Aether (#1)

When Effie Dahl is taken as a First Wife, it changes everything.

Suddenly, she’s thrust into the Dellathian world where her Arcani magic is forbidden, and she begins to trust a man she should never love. Secrets start to unfold in this new world that are more deeply connected to her than she could have ever imagined.

The spirits of Aether revealed that she is bound to two men--the Dellathian she was forced to marry and the Arcani who is convinced she will return to him to fulfill their betrothal quest. But in this world where people are not who they seem and secrets seep from the past, nothing in Effie’s future is certain.

Armed with an old tome that has been spelled shut, Effie must find the courage to fight for her people before the Fallbrook patriarch decides she’s served her purpose as First Wife to his only surviving heir.

Little Blue Vial (#2)

When her soul is taken hostage, Effie loses what little magic she possessed.

Now, in an effort to save herself, she and her group set out across the Arcanos for answers. 

Confronted with the blood magic of Nullam Sanguine, Effie realizes that the Arcanos are no longer as safe as she once believed, and Dellathians are no longer their only threat. The stronger she grows, so does her connection to the past. As more memories flood her consciousness about a life she isn’t supposed to remember, Effie must make a choice about who to love and to what lengths she’s willing to go to save innocent Arcani. 

When the Guardian of the lower realms offers her a deal, she has no idea what she’s getting herself into—all for one little blue vial.

The Guardian's Tome (#3)

Only Bellatores should be able to move through the Omnis realm freely.

When Effie gets stuck in the veil between her world and the next, she learns of long kept secrets; who Foster really is, who she is supposed to be, and maybe most importantly, that Hink has been keeping secrets of his own.

Saving her people is no longer just a calling. She has been chosen. The Guardian of the Arcanos is a protector of magic and Arcani, ensuring balance between the realms. No one can tell her what it means. No one even knows who the last chosen one was. She must come face to face with who she will become and the power of the Guardian's tome just waiting to be unleashed.

The spirits of Aether foretell her future with Foster, and the news leaves them desperate and heartbroken. Still, it reinforces her decision to choose to be with the man she loves. And, despite the three secrets she's told Hink has kept from her, she choose to believe that he is still her best friend--still the man who gave up his life to the Bellatores to keep her safe.

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